July 12, 2013

My issues, not hers

I was talking with a friend recently about how I rarely blog anymore.  I commented how it was so much easier to do it in the early years when there was so much going on.  She was in and out of the hospital, having surgeries and blogging was a great way for me to share and it helped me to process all that was happening.  However, for the last two years things have been different, really different.  Do I dare say life has become very "routine".  The big difference is that Annabelle has been very healthy!  She's been sick only a few times and has only had one non-Spina Bifida related surgery (tonsillectomy).  We are truly thankful for her good health and the progress she has made.  When I think back on those first two years it honestly seems like another life.  It was HARD, it was HARD on all of us.  She was so sick all of the time.  It was a very scary, stressful time.  I pray we never have to  repeat those days.
However, with that said I would be lying if I acted as if there hasn't been some challenges.  Unfortunately, stress and fear doesn't just go away.  It stays with you and it creeps into your day when you least expect it.  I worry a lot.  I worry too much.  I get overwhelmed easily and its hurting me.  I'm glad though that I am the one hurting and not my girl.  She is still the cheerful, optimistic, ready for anything spitfire she's always been.  She sees the world and gets excited.  She doesn't see the barriers I see.  She wants to do everything her brothers do and is determined to make it happen. I pray that she will always have that determination and that spark to get things done.  I pray that my fears and worry for her future won't ever hold her back.  
These photos are from this past Father's Day, Sunday June 16, 2013.  I love the way they capture her and all her personalities!           
She sat peacefully watching the waves.  I watched her and wondered if she was sad to not be running around and climbing on the bars like her brothers.
You be the judge, but I think she was having a fine time kicking back giggling in her stroller.
Here she is coming to get me!  The boys were playing tag with Branden and although she tried to join them she ultimately decided to come hang with me.  I worried she was feeling left out.  
She wasn't!
She wanted to play tag with me.
She wanted me to chase her - so I did!
 She was giggling the whole time!
 Then came a little bit of her girl drama.
She was smirking the whole time.
 Then it was play time again........
Oh how I love this girl!
 Day's like that help to ease my worry and fears.  When I see her beautiful smile I am once again reminded that these are MY issues and NOT hers.  She is going to be just fine, better than fine.
My girl is going to be great!  My girl already is great!    


  1. I always ask myself: "If Caleb's not sad, then why should I be?" Your sweet girl is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you Cassie. I hope you and your boys are doing well.

  2. I concur, she is stunningly beautiful.

    1. Thank you Karin. I think she's just as beautiful and spunky as your sweet girl. Hoping you guys are all doing well.