August 18, 2012

More of what we love!

Keeping cool and having fun are two of the most important things for Annabelle when we go to the beach.  Thankfully, Branden came up with a great way for Annabelle to do both.

Her own private pool
Annabelle and her daddy have an AMAZING bond and part of that bond is the trust she has with him.  It's so great to see how willing she is to try new things with her dad.  Even when she's scared she is usually willing to try (whatever it is he's asking) if she knows he will be right there by her side.  On this day (July 21st) Annabelle decided to give surfing a try.  Needless to say she had a blast!

Taking a break after surfing
 Hanging out with her favorite boys
 Branden's 3 biggest fans!
 Annabelle is so lucky to have two wonderful brothers who love her SO very much!
Annabelle decided to race her brothers down the beach
She just melts my heart!
Another really great beach day - July 21, 2012

What's the best part of summer?

We love the beach.  
However, with the kids being as young as they are (3, 5, & 7) and with Annabelle's "extra's" I have found that it's a bit too difficult of a task for me to take them there on my own.  Thankfully, once the weekend rolls around we are very lucky that Branden is always up for a family beach day.  He loves the beach too!
Beach days for us consist of a lot of water play. 
and a lot of digging!
So glad that our girl is not afraid to get dirty!
Such a great family beach day!
July 7, 2012