April 28, 2012

One year ago today

Our lives dramatically changed.  
 One year ago today Annabelle got her g-tube.  
Can you even believe it's been a year?  
It's been a year of growth!
It's been a year of good health!
It's been our best year so far!

One year ago Annabelle weighed barely 17 lbs.
 Today, Annabelle weighs almost 26 lbs.

One year ago Annabelle was 28 inches long.
Today, Annabelle is almost 34 inches long.

Annabelle is no longer the tiny little girl she once was.
Annabelle is now a very talkative and very smart big girl.  
She is a typical toddler who has lots of spunk and bit of sass.
 She likes to be independent and likes to do things her way.
 She is happy, hardworking and truly a lot of fun.
She is everything I could have ever asked for in a daughter.
She is VERY loved!