June 10, 2012

Big girl bed!

We finally decided to turn Annabelle's crib into a big girl bed.  We've wanted to do it for a while now but because she has her night feeding (through her g-tube) we were worried about her safety.   If she was to try and climb out of bed while connected to her pump she could pull her g-tube right out of her belly and that would super bad.  But, we knew we couldn't keep her in a crib forever - although, she is my last baby (boo hoo).  Thankfully, we still had the bed rail we used with the boys which is adjustable so we were able to make it so she can't get out without climbing OVER the rail.  Honestly, if she was really that eager AND strong enough to crawl over and out I would probably be just as excited for her as I would be worried that she got hurt or pulled her button out.  We don't expect that will be happening so we went with it. 
So here's WAY too may pictures of our girl in her new big girl bed.
 Just in case you were wondering - 
she LOVES her new bed!. 


  1. Thanks for clarifying whether or not she loves it! ;-) LOL That an the pic of her behind the netting is my favorite parts <3 love you guys.

    1. I love the netting one as well. She's so silly! Love you Shan- thanks for always reading regardless how far in between my posts are. :-)