June 24, 2012

Nature Center

On Saturday we decided to head over to the El Dorado Nature Center for some much needed family time.  We've been there many times before, but not since Annabelle has been walking more independently with her walker.  She was so fascinated with the turtles that I wondered if we would actually get past the first bridge to see anything else.

She loved exploring in the indoor center as well and we were so pleased with how open the space was.  Most areas were accessible to her all by herself or with little assistance from myself, Branden or Benjamin.  Jack was head down in the computer learning about all kinds of bugs and such so we rarely saw him.  Ben on the other hand wanted to show Annabelle EVERYTHING!  She followed him around the whole place - at least twice.   

I have found that it can be a real struggle finding fun places to go as a family where everyone's needs can be met.  I'm excited to share that we had a really great time exploring, learning and walking around together.  Although, the boys would have preferred to have been on the other (non-paved) tail they knew that this was the only one that Annabelle could maneuver on her own so they didn't complain (too much) and they were actually super great about encouraging her along trail.  I'm pretty confident that this was the farthest she has ever walked in one stretch.  We were all so very proud of her.  Here's a quick little video of her walking and talking along the trail.

Days like this are just wonderful.  If only every day could be this great.   
We decided to buy the annual pass so we could return anytime we want to.

June 10, 2012

Big girl bed!

We finally decided to turn Annabelle's crib into a big girl bed.  We've wanted to do it for a while now but because she has her night feeding (through her g-tube) we were worried about her safety.   If she was to try and climb out of bed while connected to her pump she could pull her g-tube right out of her belly and that would super bad.  But, we knew we couldn't keep her in a crib forever - although, she is my last baby (boo hoo).  Thankfully, we still had the bed rail we used with the boys which is adjustable so we were able to make it so she can't get out without climbing OVER the rail.  Honestly, if she was really that eager AND strong enough to crawl over and out I would probably be just as excited for her as I would be worried that she got hurt or pulled her button out.  We don't expect that will be happening so we went with it. 
So here's WAY too may pictures of our girl in her new big girl bed.
 Just in case you were wondering - 
she LOVES her new bed!. 

June 3, 2012

On the GO!

We spent some time last night at the Long Beach Towne Center and oh my goodness Annabelle acted like she owned the place.  She was walking everywhere!  It was so great being in a public place and having her so confidently maneuver her walker wherever she wanted to go.  She was moving around so much I could barely snap a picture of her.

Of course she was willing to take a picture with her big brothers - her hero's!
Tonight just proved how far she has come.  Annabelle truly is unstoppable!  I know that if she puts her mind toward a goal she will surely accomplish it.  She is one determined little girl and with these awesome boys by her side she is destined for greatness.

June 1, 2012

Happily Back

After 11 long days of recovery I'm happy to report that Annabelle bounced back and soon was her happy, playful self again.  We are very pleased with what seems to be some positive side effects of Annabelle's surgery.  She is breathing noticeably better and seems to be swallowing better.  She isn't necessarily eating more but she is managing different textures and bigger bites much better than before.  These two positives improvements are definitely worth the rough days following her surgery.  Thank you for all of the prayers during her recovery. 

Since I think every post should have pictures, here's a few from our Memorial Day weekend ~ 

We flew kites together at the park

We spent lots of time together swimming 

There's truly nothing better than when we can all be together having fun.  I love family fun days!  Nothing brings me greater joy than when everyone is happy and healthy.