October 8, 2011

Helping to spread awareness

Last week I was asked by two friends to submit a little something about Annabelle for their blogs.  They are both spotlighting children with Spina Bifida on their blogs as a way of spreading awareness during October, which is Spina Bifida Awareness month.

Cassie asked that we submit a picture and a little blurb about what we wish we knew "then", back when we were pregnant and so worried that we know now.  I used this picture from Annabelle's 2nd birthday since it's currently my favorite of her. 

I wrote the following: "As a mother I knew deep down that regardless of her challenges she would be a wonderful addition to our family. What I didn't know then was how amazingly happy she was going to be. She is truly a happy, loving little girl. Her smile and laugh are infectious. She has a genuine love for life. She doesn't focus on what she can't do but on what she can. She has brought more joy and happiness into our lives than I can put into words."  I could have written so much more but decided to keep it short.

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Cassie's blog and all of the other amazing children please do.  These beautiful children and their families are so inspiring. 

Karen wanted a silly a picture of Annabelle and for me to describe her in just three words.

Here's the picture and words I came up with.  It was hard to narrow it down but I do like what I chose.


Please take a peek at Karen's blog to see all the adorable children she is profiling as well as the in depth descriptions about what Spina Bifida is and is NOT.  She's got some great information there.


  1. Beautiful Nicole! You are such an amazing mama to ALL of your children.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! I always have such a hard time choosing ONE picture too. Sheesh, such a rough time for us mama's with such beautiful kids... ;)

  3. Love me some Miss Belle. :) And her momma's pretty awesome too. <3