July 20, 2011

Test results don't always provide answers

Annabelle had her pH test last week (Wednesday through Thursday) and once again our sweet girl stepped up and faced this challenge with courage and grace. Thankfully, she never seemed to be in any pain only just bothered by all that was going on. She had to adjust her breathing a bit but once she got that down she was really handling the situation very well.

At first she was MAD, MAD, MAD (and made it very known) but it was only because they put soft casts on each of her arms to keep her from pulling out the tube. She was miserably uncomfortable. After about 5 minutes or so I took off one cast and we played with my ipod while waiting for her x-ray. Here we are waiting to be called.

After the x-ray I decided to take off the other cast and trust that she wouldn't pull it out. I was banking on the fact that she had never pulled out her feeding button in her belly. It was risky as they all kept telling me "if she pulled it out we would have to start the whole process over". I took my chances and it was the right decision!

Once we got home she was visibly exhausted but not crying or pulling at her face. Thankfully, she went down for an early and long nap. My mom had the boys - thank you very much sweet Grammy, so the house was nice and quite (a rarity at our place).

When she woke she was happy and back to her old smiley self. She wasn't interested in eating much, but that wasn't a surprise. The main reason we were doing the test was because she is never interested in eating.

She was even happy enough to play ball and crawl around the house a bit. Of course, I had to crawl close behind her because she didn't realize that she was connected to a small computer. I was happy to be her computer"caddy".

Tonight (7-19-11) the GI Nurse called with her results - they were NEGATIVE! She does NOT have Acid Reflux!

I have to admit, I had slightly mixed feelings about the results. Don't get me wrong, I am happy she doesn't have acid reflux and I'm glad she doesn't need any additional medicines however, we are still left with the issue of WHY won't she eat???

She's a stubborn little girl (which will serve her well in life) and the Dr. is strongly thinking her issues are behavioral and not medical. I think he's probably right. Because she was constipated for so long and dealing with non-stop UTI's and vomiting he believes she has learned to live (comfortably) on a very minimal amount of food.

The next step is to give her a stomach emptying test to see how quickly or slowly her food moves through her. If it goes slow, than the thought is that she is feeling full all of the time and consequently won't want to eat. If this test comes back normal than it will be heavy OT (Occupational Therapy) for our girl to get her eating.

Thanks for all the blog and FB love this past week. I am stronger (and happier) because you are all a part of my life.



  1. I can understand your mixed feelings. It must be so tough to not have any conclusive answers. Hang in there, dear friend. We continue to have Annabelle and your family in our prayers. Please let me know if you need anything, even just a pair of listening ears.

  2. We'll be praying... but THANK GOD it isn't acid reflux!!

  3. I'm happy it turned out well. She is sooo stinkn cute :) sending prayers you way.

  4. Such mixed feelings about this!! I so want answers for you, but I am glad it's not reflux.

  5. One step closer to an answer!

  6. Glad to hear it's not reflux, but SO frustrated that you still don't have answers. Hugs and continued prayers to you, Sweet friend!