July 4, 2011

Now we're cooking

Annabelle has always enjoyed playing with her pretend sink and stove, however, I think this weekend she took it to a new level of fun. Not only has her imaginative play skills grown by leaps and bounds over the last few months so has her strength. Typically when playing Annabelle is either on the ground sitting or lying down and reaching up. This weekend however, Annabelle used her walker to walk up to her pretend kitchen and stayed standing there to play for well over 20 minutes until I sat her down so I could do some real cooking - it was lunch time!

Annabelle LOVED standing and playing and we loved watching her play. It really was the highlight of my weekend. Check out out our girl having a blast cooking and washing.

She loved turning the knobs. She can't typically reach these

I think she was as proud of herself as we were of her

Our girl loves to wash her hands - both for real and pretend

Adding some "soap" to the sink for her dishes

The walker started to get in her way so I moved it back a bit. I love that she wasn't overly concerned when I moved it. Thankfully, she was very comfortable holding onto the stove for stability.

We were so impressed with all of the one handed holding on she was doing

Okay, I know that was A LOT of pictures of Annabelle doing essentially the same thing, but wasn't it super cool to see her playing like that? I thought you might agree.

By the way, for those that are wondering what that blue strap is on Annabelle's leg. I have her legged (poorly) wrapped in a derotation strap to try and help straighten her leg (they turn outward). I am supposed to wrap both legs but struggle to get them on and keep them on after each cathing. I'm doing better though - anything to help my girl!

Thanks for checking in on us. I know I have been super slow on updates lately. We appreciate all the love and prayers - they are working!


  1. WhooHoo Annabelle! Awesome! & there can never be to many pictures of our Sweet Annabelle :-) She sure is getting strong. Oh, & I love her new picture in her snazzy shades, so cute. <3<3<3

  2. Hello. I'm Chris, from Spain. Sorry I can't speak English very dell. Annabell is adorable. She reminds me of my daughter Eden, The has some photos standing in a toy kitchen. I wish them well.

  3. Annabelle is truly an amazing little girl. She is determined and I believe nothing is beyond her will to succeed. I am so proud of her. I Love You Sweetie.

  4. I missed that girl on our trip! :( It was sure great to see her momma though. :) Next time we're out there we need ot get the kids together!! Love to you all!

  5. Go Annabelle!

    And I HATED those straps too!!! But I did them.... for so long :(

  6. So fantastic! Post the pictures and then some more pictures, I can't get enough of her. I love seeing her stand there and play. So proud of herself, so proud of her.

  7. Hey there! I stop by sometimes to see how Annabelle is doing and I have to say, she looks so happy! My best friend has SB as well and for most of our childhood she had GRAFOs- ground reaction AFOs. They specifically prevent crouching when standing and walking. From Belle's pictures it seems like she crouches a bit when standing. Have your orthos thought about trying her out in GRAFOs?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for checking in on Annabelle. I've been horrible about updating this year, but she is doing really, really great. Yes, Belle does crouch more than anyone would like her to. She actually wears twister cables now for her extreme external rotation and they help a bit with her crouching. Here Dr.'s feel those are the best braces for her right now but I do anticipate she will move toward a GRAFO in the next few years. Thanks again for checking in. I will try and get some new pictures posted soon.