April 27, 2011

Surgery Update

We wanted to let everyone know that Annabelle's surgery scheduled for Thursday, April 28th has been bumped to 12 noon. We will now check in at the hospital at 10 am and hope that the surgeon has stayed on schedule so that Annabelle will have a successful surgery. We are hopeful she will be eating by dinner time. If this is the first you are reading about Annabelle surgery, click HERE to get all of the details.

I thought this picture was funny and spoke volumes to how Annabelle's lack of eating has affected us all. Benjamin (fyi - he's 4) was graciously trying to help feed Annabelle for me. She had already thrown all her noodles off her tray and refused all food I was trying to spoon feed her. She was willing to take a few bites of fruit off the spoon from Benjamin. After about 3 bites she stopped and this was Ben's reaction. He was saying "Come on Annabelle, you neeeeed to eat" It was in this long, drawn out desperate voice. Poor kid, I guess this is what he hears out of my mouth every day. So glad we are taking steps in the right direction.

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love and support we have received this last 24 hours. All of the comments left here and on FaceBook have just warmed my heart. It really helps more than you know. Okay, I better go because I have lots to do and bags to pack.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I just caught up! Thoughts and prayers for you and Annabelle today and over the next couple of days!
    The G-tube sounds like it is just the thing that she needs right now, and hopefully it will follow through to her other issues. And less stress on you and the whole family about her eating!
    Remember to take care of yourself, so you can care for Annabelle!