April 5, 2011

A-Med Health Care's Response to my letter

A couple of people have asked how Charles, our Customer Service Manager at A-Med responded to my letter. I am happy to report that he did not wait to contact me. He called first thing (8:01 am to be exact) on Monday morning and was ready to discuss my very valid concerns.

He assured me that he did not not know of the recall on 3/18 when he and I spoke specifically about my dissatisfaction with the Triad's providine Iodine pads. The reality is that he should have known, but I have no reason to believe that he did know at that time if he is saying that he didn't.

He is stating that the company became aware of the March 15th recall on Monday, March 28th and that they "immediately" aka 4 days later on Thursday, March 31st wrote, by snail mail, to their customers to tell them to "immediately" stop using this potentially dangerous product.

I explained to him that I DO NOT believe that someone at some level in his organization was not aware of this very serious recall.

I explained to him that companies have an obligation to know what is going on with their products - especially products that are used in such an intimate way.

I explained that even someone like myself who is not very technologically savvy can create a very basic google search on the the words "Triad medical" and was able to get a significant amount of news information on this company.

I let me him know he was welcome to believe that no one knew if it made him feel better but I just wasn't going to be naive.

I then proceeded to explain that in the small chance that no one in his company knew about that the recall until 13 days AFTER it was issued by the FDA than his company truly had some issues and should expect to see further challenges and misses down the road. I also let him know that I was unsure if I could continue giving his company my business going forward.

He assured me that he took my concerns very seriously and that he had already forwarded my e-mail to both his boss - the Chief Operating Officer and to the Vice President of Legal Affairs. I was very pleased to hear this as I plan to be that squeaky wheel. I do not intend to let them forget that they are dealing with people's lives - not just product and paperwork. I want them to forever think of Annabelle and people just like her anytime a recall happens so that they think hard about how their process of notification is handled.

The reality is that notifying us 18+ days (depending on where you live) AFTER a health related recall is issued is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I told Charles that even the PTA knows how to do a recorded message to let us know about an important announcement. In this day of technology it is my strong belief that A-Med should have sent out an automated call instructing patients to immediately stop using the product. The call should have directed us to a detailed letter on their website. They should have also sent out follow up e-mails (which they do every month for reorders) and then hard copy notifications. Honestly, I could care less to have gotten it by snail mail but if they wanted to or legally had to then that would be a wise last way of notifying the customers. I do not feel in any way that this was too much to ask. By the way they took 28 days to notify us in January of the recall on the Triad Lubricant packets.

So when Charles and I were ending our conversation on Monday morning he said "I will get those replacements kits shipped right out to you tomorrow". I thought to myself - um, excuse me, I don't think so! I reminded him that his office is 25 minutes from my house and that they would need to be delivered by end of day today (Monday). He agreed and they were delivered at 6:30 pm by a very nice driver in a PT Cruiser ~ that's California for you.

I am pleased to share that I received a call from The COO this afternoon. Unfortunately, I missed his call and was unable to return his call until after business hours. I look forward to speaking with him sometime tomorrow between PT, OT, Speech, preschool pick up, kindergarten pick up and T-ball - I WILL make it happen!! I will also make my concerns heard and understood because if I don't who will?

I thought it would be nice to close this serious post with a few pictures of my sweetie girl. She is one of 3 reasons I fight as hard as I do!


  1. Yep, she looks like she's worth the trouble. :) Just wanted to tell you I have another SB mommy friend here in KY who brought this to my attention, and when she asked her rep about the recall, he didn't know anything about it. How could this possibly happen? Where is the communication? I mean, US Marshalls went in to that facility to shut it down. How are the recalls not being enforced?

  2. Way to go and be a GREAT advocate for your child and for many others that don't have as strong of a voice as you do!

  3. Way to go Nicole - you are a superMom and your kiddos are so lucky to have you on their side

  4. Sorry you have had to deal with all of this. You are amazing.

  5. Wow, these type of things should not slip threw. Way to get it done! And, your little sweetie is as cute as always!