February 10, 2011

Updated PT pictures

I've had a lot on my mind lately that has kept me from blogging. It's actually kept me from doing a lot of things these last two week. We've had sick kids, schedule changes (current and future), speech therapy drama and just some good old pity parties happening over here. I feel bad admitting it since I said I wouldn't let SB win. Technically, it's not winning but it sure is putting up a good fight.

However, when you have three active kiddos like we do things don't stop just because mom's head is spinning or hurting for that matter. So, I actually have lots of fun pictures to share both here and on the family blog - soon I hope!

Although Annabelle hasn't put on much weight in the last 6 months she is changing and looking so much older. She's acting older too - much more like a toddler (yikes) and less like my sweet baby girl.

Here she is at PT last week (2/2) with her AWESOME therapists! We are SO very thankful for them and all that they do.


  1. Her shoes rock! She is such s cutie I just made Emma a Tutu the same color as her shoes

  2. She is looking so grown up! I'm sorry you've had such a rough couple of weeks - I hope they turn into an extra strong / easy couple of months for you. xoxo

  3. Go Annabelle! She looks great - hang in there Nicole xoxo