February 28, 2011

It was tea time!

At Occupational Therapy last Friday. Thankfully, Annabelle had an adorable tutu to wear to the party. Thank you again Emily and mommy Liz for sending her this adorable tutu for her birthday last year - it was perfect!

Annabelle was having so much fun she didn't even realize she was exercising, practicing her fine motor skills and learning her shapes and colors.

She is such a dainty little flower. She was so cute during clean up, carefully taking each tea cup and slowly putting it back into the box.

Such a fun morning of Mommy, Me and OT!


  1. SO CUTE!! And looks like so much fun!

  2. Just too cute & I love the Mommy, Me & OT! Any time spent together is Mommy & Me time! I think we need to be on the look out for a tea set for our little princess.

  3. So cute! Little girls are just so much fun. Jet would have thrown the cupcakes and laughed. lol.

  4. ADORABLE!!! Love the tutu!