February 22, 2011

Different but not less

There have been many times over the last year or so that I have been sad that Annabelle and I haven't taken any mommy and me classes together. I have such great memories of the classes I took with the boys and I felt like she and I where missing out on this special time together.

It's true, Annabelle and I don't do classes together we do therapy together - we do lots and lots of therapy each week. She has PT, OT, Speech and swim. Some days she has more than one therapy on a day.

However, what I have finally realized is that the most important part of these classes were the "mommy and me" part not what class it was. She and I do lots of mommy and me each week and I am very lucky for that. So maybe we aren't "dancing" like I did in the baby dance classes, or painting like I did in the messy art classes but we are together and we are making great memories together. Therapy can be and often is fun. I am always right there by her side helping, encouraging and photographing all that she is working so hard to accomplish.

It's so hard to believe that our sweet Annabelle is already 18 months old. Seriously, where does the time go? As I continue to understand and accept that my parenting experience with Annabelle will be different but not less than what I had with the boys the more I feel myself embracing the joys of my everyday life. I am very, very thankful for this.

Speaking of fun - check out these pictures of Cowgirl Annabelle from last Friday (2-18-11).

Annabelle's Occupational Therapist asked that she come to "class" aka therapy on Friday in dress up. Because we have been working on getting her comfortable riding their plastic pony Rody I decided to dress her up as a cowgirl. Annabelle had received this outfit from her Auntie Pammie who lives in Texas and hadn't had an opportunity to wear it yet. This was an authentic cowgirl outfit from her head to her toes. She had her own paparazzi snapping pictures of her.

She was not a fan of the hat at all.

She loved showing off her boots to everyone that walked by.

Here she is riding Rody!


  1. Too cute! Love the outfit!! Often we turn SB clinics into mommy/daughter days and do lunch or a treat after. It's true.. it does not really matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together and they know of our love.
    You are awesome! I can not believe that sweet little Belle is 18 months!! You just had her!!! I miss her and her contagious smile!
    Love you guys!

  2. The video is saying Private...Can't wait to see it! I'm so with you on the age thing. I can't believe Maddie is 20 months old now. I have a mini panic attack whenever I think about losing our PT in 16 short months...Sigh. It's all going too fast, but yeah, I'm loving every minute too! Different, but wonderful!

  3. lol! So cute! What a perfectly precious cowgirl. :)

  4. Oh yes Too Cute! And yes Annabelle your boots are sooo sweet!

  5. Those boots are GREAT! I love that your therapy time is something you have turned into *mommy and me*. Very inspirational. I've really hit a wall with therapy and I'm trying to be more positive...taking a me & Emily approach might be the trick. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!!

  6. Different but not less is so right. I LOVE the outfit and the boots!! Cutest little cowgirl I've ever seen.