January 28, 2011

P. H. S. D

So it seems I have been noticeably quite these last two weeks. Transitioning from the stress of a hospital stay to hustle and bustle of our home life is always hard for me. This last stay/transition was particularly hard. I'm not sure exactly why, it just has been. I guess four days of constant noise, interruptions, doctors, nurses, med students, injections, bad news and more bad news, set backs, lack of sleep, etc. can really upset ones rhythm. Unfortunately, mine was really knocked out of whack this time! I am slowly starting to come back around - which means I only cried once today (scary, I know!). Sadly, I have been a big ball of emotions these last two weeks. I'm trying, really trying to snap out of it. I need to snap out of it. My family needs me to snap out of it! So please bare with me friends as I find my way back.

Clearly my Annabelle isn't suffering from the same post hospital stay distress (PHSD) that I am, which is great (that was my attempt at comedy). She has jumped right back into normal life and is her happy self again. She does HATE all of the medicine I've had to give her though - 9 doses a day, 4 of which make her vomit if not on an empty stomach. This has been a major challenge for me. 3 of those doses (the C-Diff antibiotic) stop tomorrow (yeah!), however, we are starting a new medicine on Monday to help stimulate her appetite. She is eating more than she was this last month but clearly is not eating or showing enough interest in eating that she should be. I am happy to report that she has put on some weight ~ just about 9 oz in the 2 weeks since she was admitted to the hospital. We are very hopeful she will keep gaining and moving in the right direction. BTW - with the 9 oz gain that puts her at 16lbs. 1 oz, 27 inches long. If only I could gain that slowly :-o

Here she is being her typical ROCK STAR self with her super cool brother Benjamin

Thanks for checking in on us.


  1. I think our recent experiences have been so similar. After Evan's clean out, which of course was also right before the holidays, I fell into a pretty deep depression. I felt like life was a whirlwind. I didn't care about the holidays at all. Things were bad. I'm not sure how I got better other than time. I honestly feel like helping you helped me too. I felt like something good came out of our hospitalization by helping someone else get better. I am so sorry you are going through all this. I am sending good thoughts and hugs your way.

  2. You have had a rough few weeks. It takes time getting back to "normal". I'm glad Annabelle is feeling better, however.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Annabelle is feeling better. I'm so sorry that she was so sick. She is quite the little trooper.

  4. I'm so glad sweet Belle is back to her happy, little self! Prayers that you too will be soon, Mama! Hang in there!

  5. Nicole, I think about you every day and pray that each day will get better for you! When you are up to it, lets plan a night to get together and chat! Sending so much love!

  6. Thinking of you guys.
    It's great that Annabelle bounced back once you guys were home. and hopefully only time will help you with you PHSD (great medical diagnosis!).