January 16, 2011

Hospital Highlights

It's Monday night and we are home! We actually got home yesterday but I have been and sill am totally still exhausted. I figured I better get some stuff down about the last 3 days in the hospital before life gets back to crazy, I mean normal tomorrow. We were VERY lucky to have Branden home with us today.

So just to recap, Annabelle was admitted to the hospital on Thursday and was released on Sunday afternoon. Click HERE if you would like to read the details of what lead to her hospitalization and how the first 12 hours went.

Friday was very up and down. The first half of the day (morning and early afternoon) Annabelle was feeling pretty good. She was hydrated from all the fluids, had passed large amounts of poop (sorry if that TMI) and was getting medicine to fight the infection that we didn't know she had yet :-o You can see in the pictures below that she had become much more comfortable and playful. It was so great to our sweet Annabelle shinning through again.

We are VERY thankful for the Child Life Department at the hospital who so graciously brought us over toys, books and even a swing to help entertain Annabelle. I have learned that it is quite difficult to keep an almost 2 year old happy in a hospital room - especially when they can't really get out of their bed.

Annabelle loved getting a surprise visit from her Papa. Mom and Dad loved getting lunch brought to us. Thanks again Dad!

After my Dad's visit Annabelle and I went for a little ride down to radiology. The Dr.'s wanted a renal ultrasound since she was testing positive for a UTI and they were concerned about her kidney's. Sadly, the results showed that her hydronephrosis has come back on both sides - ugh! We are hopeful that maybe once she isn't impacted, not infected and has recovered from all the stress of the clean out that the kidney's will look healthy again. We plan to do a repeat ultrasound in a few weeks.

By mid afternoon Annabelle's diaper rash was getting to be too much for her to handle. Word of Advice - if your child ever has to be hospitalized for a clean out PLEASE request hospital grade diaper rash cream (i.e. Sensi-Care) and A and D ointment to put on their bottom BEFORE the poop starts to come. We were putting A and D ointment and Desitin (which is what they provided to us) but it wasn't doing anything. Her bottom went from beautifully soft to reddish purple over night. It was heartbreaking! She cried for almost 2 hours non-stop. I was able to get her some Tylenol and then Seni-Care which started working immediately.

We also got the disappointing news on Friday afternoon that Annabelle had tested positive for C. Difficile. Here's a short explanation of what it is: Antibiotic-associated (C. difficile) colitis is an infection of the colon caused by C. difficile that occurs primarily among individuals who have been using antibiotics. The belief is that Annabelle developed C-Diff after taking the antibiotics for her ear infection that started on 12/31 or possibly after her last round of Cipro (in Oct.), which would mean my poor sweet has had it a little while. Thankfully, they started her on the antibiotic (yep more antibiotics) to fight it right away so she actually got 24 hours worth of it even prior to actually knowing she was positive. Apparently, this is also why she was put into isolation (i.e. private room for mommy!). Sadly though this meant we would NOT be heading home on Saturday as we had hoped, which meant sad mommy.

Saturday came and Annabelle was feeling pretty good. Visibly tired but I was as well so I think that was to be expected under the circumstances. It's funny how they say rest is the best medicine yet you can't get any rest in hospital!

Here she is taking care of her baby

Taking a wagon ride down to X-ray. They wanted to check and see how much poop was still left in her belly. Because it's RSV season we opted to have her wear a mask to help prevent her from catching something from someone else. I was disappointed that the nurses didn't suggest it themselves but glad that we ensured that it happened.

Thankfully, we got the news that she was finally cleaned out and could stop the clean out medicine which by the way is called "GoLYTELY". I thought that name could be debatable :-)

We also so got the go ahead to start eating!! After about 35 minutes of gulping, I mean nursing she had a few of her favorite graham crackers, then 2 cereal bars and 4 ounces of Pediasure. My little girl was hungry and finally had somewhere to put it.

One more cereal bar please!

Sleeping so peacefully on Saturday night without her NG tube.

Sunday afternoon - dressed and ready to go! Just waiting to get our papers to get out of there!!

Once again I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support. Bottom line, being in the hospital is hard, very hard I won't lie, but we got through it and we are moving forward. However, I know we would not have been able to move forward as well without all of you - your love and support means so much to us! Just to name a few that really came through for us this week:

Grammy (my mom) - for watching the boys on Thursday & Friday
Papa (my dad) - for lunch on Friday and watching the boys on Saturday morning
My mom's group friends - for sending over the yummy food and goodies from the Secret Santa party I had to miss :-(
Our two neighbors - one who brought a complete dinner on Saturday and the other who brought us a wonderful lunch today.
Our good friend Greta - for bringing us a huge batch of pasta and all the trimmings which we ate both last night and tonight. FYI - Greta has 3 children and is pregnant but somehow found time to make us a meal - pretty awesome!

WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED! Three sleeping babies and a huge pile of laundry to fold. What more could a girl ask for :-)


  1. Thrilled to hear Annabelle is home and on the road to recovery (and cleaned out). Hard to think of her in the hospital, uncomfortable and sad. Hope things keep headed on the upswing!

  2. I am glad Annabelle is home. I hope things will be well for you and your family.

  3. Oh those hospital pics went from "oh so sad" to "oh so sweet". I'm so happy she's better and home and able to eat comfortably now! Poor baby. And btw the GI doc thinks that "C-Diff" is what Jet had that was making him throw up every weekend in Aug-Sept (remember that?!) because during those months he was on 3 antibiotics for a UTI. Now I started him a probiotic in his milk cup every morning while he was on the antibiotic and in the weeks to follow (Cultural Kids - but he recommended Florastor Kids once we're out of what we have) to keep the "good bacteria" high and fighting. And I'm trying to push the yogurt again. He just finished an antibiotic for a sinus infection and NO VOMITING yet so that's a huge relief to me! Maybe it would be something to add to Miss Belle's diet (especially when she has to go on antibiotics). Ask your GI or pediatrician and see what they think - you may already be doing something like that. LOVE YOU!!!
    I had a dream last night I was back in Cali and holding Miss Belle on my lap again. Sure she was probably only 9 months old in the dream...but it was nice. :) If I could go back in time I would travel the country going and holding all our little miracle buddies when they were babies and didn't mind strangers holding them. Yep. That would be amazing. :)

  4. Oh, sweet little girl! She's been through so much and so have you! I'm so glad you guys are both at home. You're right - it's ridiculously hard to relax and rest in a hospital, sadly. I'm so happy she's cleaned out and on the road to recovery. Lots of hugs and prayers for continued health for that sweet doll!

  5. It is so good to see and hear that she is feeling good again! I know the hospital is SO HARD at that age, and I bet you are so exhausted. Hope you all can rest up.

  6. Glad you are finally home. Annabelle seemed to handle it so well-and you, too! That mother's intuition is really something-and you always stick to your guns. I love, love LOVE that picture of her with her "baby". So incredibly sweet! Here's hoping you won't have to see the inside of a hospital for a long, long, long time! )))HUGS(((

  7. Just wanted to drop by and say "hello," having found your blog when you commented upon mine. Annabelle is an adorable little cutie, and you are indeed blessed.

    My own daughter born with spina bifida is now 24; I'm certain treatment is considerably more sophisticated now than it was when she was tiny! Nevertheless, much of what you've recounted in this and the past two posts I'm very familiar with (especially the colon and constipation/diarrhea issues).

    Your "mother's intuition" is going to serve you well throughout parenting Annabelle. Nobody can advocate for her as well as you, and nobody will have that deep insight into her needs the way you will.

    I'm going to take time now and read through your entire blog, knowing that it's certain to bring more than a few tears and smiles.

    Blessings to your entire family, and especially to you for sharing Annabelle's story with the world in this way.

  8. So glad to hear that she is doing so much better. Here's hoping for no more hospital visits for a long while!!