December 8, 2010

Walker for the Weekend

On the Monday before Thanksgiving Branden went to PT with Annabelle so that I could be with Benjamin at his Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. When he came home he excitedly told me that Emi, Annabelle's therapist had sent the walker home with him for her to uses at home over the Thanksgiving holiday. I won't lie, I had mixed feeling about it. It's silly, I know but it just felt sort of weird to have it in our home. I guess it's easy to be "comfortable" with it when we are at PT exercising, but I wasn't totally ready to have it in our home or our everyday life.

Well, those feeling QUICKLY changed when I saw how excited Annabelle got when I put her in it for the first time that night. She was SO excited and I swear she practically ran (in the walker) across the living room floor. I didn't even have the camera out but I can assure you I will never forget how AWESOME she did and how very proud I felt. I sent Emi a text right then begging her to talk to Annabelle's Orthopedist about getting us a prescription so she could get her own.

I think being nervous or even fearful of her equipment (braces, walker, wheelchair, etc.) is natural and I am not embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. The truth is that it all really scares me but I know now that each new "thing" will become easier and feel more comfortable over time and honestly, the smile on Annabelle's face as she gains new freedoms from her equipment is all I need to see how wonderful this stuff is.

Here she is on Saturday, November 27th enjoying some time in the walker in our kitchen

Annabelle loves playing with the gears and magnets on the refrigerator. I normally push them all to the bottom so that she can reach them when laying on the floor. Today however she got to play standing up and she was loving it. Here's a short video of her playing.

I doubt that anyone would disagree that Annabelle's progress is a direct result of her amazing spirit, drive and can do attitude, but I think it's important to point out that I believe Annabelle's success is also due in part to her wonderful big brothers. They are always encouraging her through their words and their actions. They love her so much I can barely handle it. They know that I can't help out in their kindergarten or preschool classes as often as I (they) would like because she has PT on Monday's & Wednesday and OT on Fridays but they don't complain. They just ask at pick up "if it was a good session and if she worked hard". It warms my heart to know that they will always have each other ~ she's their flower.

As always, THANK YOU for taking the time to share in Annabelle's progress with us. We are so very proud of her!


  1. Okay...tears...tears forming...blinking...blinking....okay. I'm okay. :) What a sweet, beautifu, BIG GIRL! She is so sweet in that new header picture with the christmas lights glowing around her!!! And those videos are just...okay tears coming back..blink blink blink...sniffle. Those videos are amazing. Just amazing. I love her spirit and yours and I am just so happy for her to be experiencing these new things! She is doing so well and is still that ray of sunshine she has always been - oh how she warms my heart!! Sending lots of love to sweet Belle, her loving big brothers, and her amazing parents!

  2. I'm with Joanna, tears all the way! Just love this post! Love how happy Annabelle is!
    I remember when Katie was about 8 months I had a dream that she was going to have to use a wheelchair when she got older. I remember crying to Bryant about it. I thought that was just going to be SO hard. But once the day came, we welcomed it with open arms because that meant more freedom for her and she was SO happy with it!
    I am so glad you are sharing her progress with us! Sure love her and you guys!

  3. forget the tears, balling my eyes out!!! this is such an amazing post and i am so incredibly happy for little miss. i think you also need to credit her determined parents as well :)

  4. Oh my, isn't she just the Sweetest Little Doll! Seeing her excitement when she see's the walker was just heart warming. We also can see she loves her brothers just as much. Love you all!!!

  5. Great to see her loving her walker and doing so well. Yeah Annabelle!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! It's so amazing to see our little ones realize their potential, and surprise themselves with their progress!
    Way to Go Miss Belle!

  7. What a beautiful doll you have and those are some handsome boys. Annabelle did a great job!

  8. I just love your family so much. xoxo