November 2, 2010

Why I shouldn't write updates...

Because in my world the minute I hit publish everything seem to change.

Yep, our sweetie girl has another UTI :-( Crazy, I know! She woke fine, or so I thought. Here she is playing, I mean sitting up :-) with her brother right after breakfast.

But shortly after this she had 2 super yucky looking caths and was vomiting by lunch. She then became super lethargic and plain old sad. I was pretty sad too.

Thankfully, our pediatrician was able to get her in this afternoon and test her urine. Apparently, the initial dip was pretty bad and of course the fear with Annabelle is always dehydration during those first few days of waiting on the urine culture so they gave her a shot of Rocephen (sp?)

Obviously this is disappointing, but we are hoping that catching it early will help with the recovery time. She is scheduled for eye surgery next Thursday, November 11th so we really need her to be infection free very quickly.

As always, your prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated. more cute pictures to come soon.


  1. Oh poor Belle! I feel your pain, Nicole..We are waiting on Maddie's culture to come back too. We were off of antibiotics for almost 1 week before this new UTI...It is so frustrating. Sending love and prayers your way!

  2. I am going to pray for her and you right now.
    Love from,
    PS. how cute is she in that costume?!?!? Adorable!

  3. Oh, man, so sorry to hear that. :(

  4. So sorry to hear that. :( Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Feel better soon Miss Belle - you're way to cute and sunshiney to be sick.

  5. Sending all our thoughts and prayers to you and Annabelle! It's amazing that it happened so quickly - but you got right on top of everything.
    And what an adorable little kitty-kat!

  6. Poor baby Annabelle! I know exactly where u are coming from. Everytime I think we r in the clear here lately Sammy comes down with another UTI, bummer:(

  7. Oh Darn it, she was doing so well. Sending prayers up for a very fast recovery. And oh yes, she is the Cutest Little Kitty-cat I've ever seen! Love that smile & Annabelle too!

  8. I will pray for Annabelle. I hope she is infection free soon. I also hope her surgery goes well.

  9. Oh, boo!! And not the fun boo this time. :( I hope she's feeling better by now. Thinking about you guys!