November 2, 2010


I've been pretty bad with updates lately - sorry! Here's some of the latest medical news.

I wanted to let everyone know that the renal ultrasound that Annabelle had on October 12th showed NO hydronephrosis - YEAH!! This is really good news! We were just overjoyed to learn that the Ditropan and the every 3 hour cathing routine is working. For those that remember she had mild to moderate hydronephrosis on both kidneys just 3 months ago. She does still have Grade 4 kidney reflux (on a 1 - 5 scale with 5 being the worst) but we are hopeful that to will start to improve with the medicine and cathing routine. More testing to happen in December.

We went to Spina Bifida Clinic on October 19th. As expected Annabelle impressed them with all her new skills, happy smiles and fun new words like hi, bye, cat, dadda, momma, Jack, Ben, Baby Belle, bug, fish - some days she says more, other days lots less. She decides how much she wants to say and when :-)

Sitting up to be weighed at clinic for the first time - very big girl!

She was all smiles sitting on her daddy's lap

She showed off her standing skills for Peter (the man who made her braces) and for her Rehab doctor.

*fyi - she is wearing her AFO's under pants in this picture. I have lots to update on her progress since she got her AFO's and how they are helping her and also to give a clear picture of what she can and can't do (right now).

She sat in a chair playing for probably 20 - 30 minutes

She was having a great time trying out all the toys at the table

She had Ortho Clinic today (11-1-10) and all went went. He seemed overall pleased with how she was is doing. There was some discussion about possible tendon surgery because her feet pull upward, but he said that wouldn't be until she's closer to age 3 or 4. I'm choosing not to worry about that too much since she is only 15 months now. He also mentioned that he sees her potentially needing higher (above the knee) braces in the future, but felt what she has now is good for where she is at developmentally. Overall, I felt it was a positive visit. We will return in 3 months and will discuss the possibility of getting her a walker at that time.


  1. What a sweet little kitty you have! Sounds like a great day at clinic, I'm so happy for you! Maddie will likely need the tendon transfer as well. She still wants to stand on her heels with her toes pointed up... We're just taking it one day at a time. Lots of love to you guys!

  2. Dear Annabelle's Mommy, Hi, my name is Sharon and I too am blessed with a beautiful baby girl who just happens to have SB (oh,she is 28 years old, but still my baby girl). I don't know how I came to this website that had your wonderful story on it but I am sure glad that I did. Reading Annabelles life events was just like re-living my Rachels early years. It was kinda strange but wonderful. They have very similar expressions and movementsand even surgeries and medications. I do certainly whole heartedly agree with you that our daughters are true miracles from G-D ( I also feel that way about my other 4 kids as they have special needs also). I would love to be able to share some stories with you if you would get in touch with me. We live in Staten Island, New York and my e-mail is Please get in touch, I have a great deal to share with you about the wonderful things to come in the future. When you write just please put SB in the subject so that I know that it is a real e-mail and not just junk stuff. Sorry for the rambling, but this is so very exciting. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. A very proud mom- Sharon

  3. Belle is the cat's meow! ;) Not exactly sure what that means but it sounds cool. lol. Great report! Way to go showing off for the doctors! That is a GOOD GIRL - you're boyfriend needs lessons from you. He's a scaredy-cat. Okay. Enough cat references. I'm going to bed. lol.

  4. Awesome news about the cathing working! So great! Glad clinic went well. She is such a little rockstar standing there all cute like that! ;)

  5. Fabulous updates, love, love good news. She's getting sooo big