November 11, 2010

The pre surgery wait

yep, Annabelle was sporting her new REDEFINING SPINA BIFIDA shirt this morning

Reading with Daddy

Waiting for the beeper to go off to let us know it's time

That's our girl - happy, happy no matter what.

Once they were ready for her, I was able to go into the OR with her. I held her hands and talked to her while they administered the gas to put her to sleep. She was afraid but didn't cry much. She didn't fight and fell asleep quickly. The Dr.'s and nurses promised me they'd take good care of our sweet girl - I pray they will.

I came out a 7:35 and was told the surgery should take about 30 minutes. it's 8:15 now so we are hopeful to hear something very soon. Thank you all for being with us today.


  1. Nicole, this post made me cry. To be there with her while they gave her the gas to fall asleep and then to leave...oh how your mommy heart must ache. I'll continue to pray for her and you and Brandon.
    God bless.

  2. Hey Nicole, Annabelle will come through with flying colors. Your entire family is very blessed and so very strong and brave. Please know we are thinking of you. Give Miss Annabelle a hug and a kiss for me. She is such a beautiful little girl. Wish we could be there to see her more often. Much love, Mike, Marie, Kayla and Melissa Hoppe.

  3. Just got the text that she's out, Thank God it's over. I can't wait to hold and kiss her. We LOVE you Annabelle!