November 14, 2010

Feeling so much better

I'm happy to report that Annabelle is feeling SO much better. We made it out to the park for a little bit this weekend and we could tell she was happy to have some fun again. She is still having moments of intense crying and eye rubbing, typically right after her nap. We are not real sure what this is about - is it pain, blurriness, or what? But she works through it after what seems like an eternity but is probably more like 10 minutes. We are hoping this will subside very soon. She also has had very goopy, glued shut eyes when we go in for the late night cathing. We have had to clean her eyes with a damp cloth to remove it. I read this was normal for the first few days so I am hopeful she won't have this much longer.

I figured everyone would like to SEE that she is actually doing better, not just read that I said so. Here are some pictures from this weekends park visit.

We go back to the eye Dr. next Thursday for a follow up to her surgery


  1. aw :)
    so glad to ' see ' her happy!

  2. YAY! There's that sweet smile I wanted to see! I'm so glad Belle is feeling better...And I'm sure Mama's feeling better now too! Much love!

  3. Hey Beautiful!! So happy you are feeling better! You have such a good Mommy and Daddy to take care of you! :)

  4. She looks great AND happy! So glad the worst has passed, and she is getting back to herself again.

  5. I have checked in on Annabelle in the past, but I guess it has been a while. She has grown soo much and looks like she is doing so well. The video footage is adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  6. So good to see her all bright eyed and smiling!