November 8, 2010

Annabelle's AFO's (week 3 - kicking)

September 29th - kicking the ball on the treadmill

This was the end of her PT session and she was really wearing down, but in true Annabelle fashion she did as we asked with very little fussing.

She had just kicked the ball, but of course I wasn't video taping. Emi told her if she did it again we could be done. Oh and BTW - Annabelle made sure Emi remembered the deal they made :-)

We had no idea at the time, but just one day later Annabelle ended up in the ER at Long Beach Memorial because she had a raging UTI. It's amazing and inspiring to me how hard this little girl works.

More great videos to come - I'm on a roll now! Thanks for checking in.


  1. Our Gwendolyn just got braces as well. I love all of your updates. The videos of happy Annabelle inspire me. Thank you for sharing them! :-)
    -Heather (Gwendolyn's Mommy)

  2. Ah, go Annabelle! I like how after she asked her to kick it again she looks over at you like "Mom, she said I could be done, what the heck?" So cute!

  3. She's such a rockstar! I love her saying "ben" over and over too - how sweet is that?! Keep up the good work Miss Belle!!!!