October 11, 2010

Still here

I feel like so much has happened in the past few weeks, both good and bad that I want to share. I'm just really struggling to find the time and energy to do it. Thank you for continuing to check in on us and know that some great pictures and video of Annabelle should be coming soon.

What I'm hoping to blog about soon ~
  • Annabelle and her new AFO's - really great stuff!
  • Annabelle's Strabismus Surgery scheduled for the morning of 11/11 at Millers Children Hospital.
  • Our fear that we won't be able to keep Annabelle infection free. Sadly, she got another UTI that landed us in the ER on 9/30. She did 8 day's of Cipro and then back on her Nitrofurantoin which for some reason she keeps throwing up this week. Her urine looks a little cloudy today and I am just praying that it doesn't turn into anything.
  • Annabelle is having another renal ultrasound in the morning (10/12). It won't be painful physically but the results will probably hurt. I seems that things keep getting worse with her urology. During her last urodynamics the Dr. has increased her reflux to Grade 4 and bilateral - disappointing. We will see what tomorrow brings.
I came across this picture last week and realized I never shared it. I just love her sweet face here. This picture was from August 31st when we spent a few hours at Mother's Beach.

Just in case anyone was wondering - YES, she is worth every bit of worry, fear, stress and expense! Annabelle is such a source of happiness in our house - she makes us all smile even during the difficult times.


  1. Love that picture, and the one up top too! So sorry you keep dealing with infections, and I pray you and the docs will be able to find a solution.

  2. Look at her STANDING!!!!! GO Annabelle!!! I'm so sorry that you Annabelle keeps having to deal with UTIs. We will be praying that you can find an answer with how to deal with these. Lots of love to you all!!

  3. I love this picture too! So Sweet. I pray for better results. xoxo

  4. Love me some BELLE!!! That n ew bannerpicture is fabulous. You go baby girl!

  5. I'm sorry that you feel anyone might wonder/ask if its worth it. Anyone following your blog should have no doubts. :)

  6. I'm with Cathy - I hope no one has made you feel that way and it possibly came from a tired mommy's tired heart. xoxo