October 20, 2010

Perfect Imperfection

Painting by: Sarah Stevens (found on Flicker)

This past July our family had the great privilege of meeting up with several SB Moms and miracles. It was so awesome to finally meet in person (and hug!) these families I felt like I already knew so well. These are moms that have been there encouraging and supporting me since I was pregnant with Annabelle. These are moms who regularly share in my joys and disappointments. These are moms who are also walking this amazing journey and have become some of my very dearest friends.

Sarah, mom to Katie, who is another local SB mom was kind enough to host the barbecue. We had such a blast just being together, sharing stories, looking at each of our kids back scar and just marveling at their progress. It was a night I know I will never forget. Not only do we have our memories and awesome pictures from the night but we also each have a beautiful handcrafted necklace given to us by Karen, mom to Carson (pictured below last on the right).

Here we are posing with our new SB perfect imperfection necklaces

Joanna, Me, Sarah, Leigh and Karen

This beautiful description was included with each necklace.

Perfect Imperfection
The necklace is long, worn so that it may center down to where we carried our precious children, our bumps. The place where so many times unconsciously our hand would tenderly fall as we would silently breathe a prayer for the precious life we carried.
Yellow is the dominant color. The color yellow represents Spina Bifida awareness. The color yellow is cheerful, optimistic and an attention getter. Our children reflect this color with their optimistic, happy, captivating smiles.
Red is the complimenting color, representing us mommies. Red is the most emotionally intense color; red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the color of love. As a mom we are the most emotionally attached person to our child, and so often this attachment has stimulated in us a faster heartbeat and quicker breathing remember the day you found out you were pregnant, and also the day your child was born. In the course of having a child with SB a quicker heartbeat seems to be our new way of life. But this is all a testament of our love for our children.

And finally, as the focal point, there is a bead which stands out. To the untrained eye this may appear as imperfect, as if it doesn’t belong with the necklace, as if it removes some beauty from it. But, we know this is not the case. We know that this bead speaks straight to our heart and this bead is the most beautiful of all. You see, we were once told crushing words “You’re child will be imperfect” and we have had the privilege to see how perfect their imperfection has become.

If you would like to see more great photo's from this wonderful afternoon please check out the following blog post. Both ladies really captured the beauty of the day.

Joanna's pictures

Sarah's pictures

Here are my pictures:

I love the pictures of our boys with Katie. They got along so well and really had fun playing together. They were SO excited when they found out that she had Spina Bifida and a shunt just like their baby sister. I love that they weren't intimidated by her braces and that she had so much fun playing hide and go seek and chase with them. She didn't slow down a bit! She kept right up with my two little wild men - and that's hard to do! She and Jack even had a bit of a crush starting until Katie's grandma and I stepped in to cool things off a bit :-) It was a special night for all of us.


  1. Awww. :) LOVED that night! Thank you for the sweet reminder.

  2. That sounds like it was fun! Other than the CHOP Fetal Surgery reunions, we haven't really spent time with other SB families.

  3. Sounds amazing...So great that all of you could meet! I love hearing things like this...and the pictures are beautiful!

  4. This sounds amazing, and the description for the necklace was so perfect.