September 17, 2010

Update on Annabelle's recovery

Sorry for the lack of updates since we got home from the hospital last Saturday. As you can imagine the first few days home were tiring and I always seem to struggle a bit adjusting to "normalcy" after a hospital stay - especially those that involve having surgery. Then of course we had to jump right back into life. This week Jack had his first full week of Kindergarten, Benjamin started preschool and Annabelle got her first pair of AFO's. Big milestones for my little people! Pictures of all to come soon.

However, in typical Annabelle style she really bounced back well. The first 24 hours she was still out of it but at about 5 pm on Sunday she woke up from a long nap and you could just tell she was feeling better. I took this quick video of her to capture her beautiful smile and amazing strength she was showing less than 48 hours after surgery. Yes, she still has that "funny" hair. Branden took the boys for the day to give Annabelle and I a quite house and I have to admit I was nervous to bathe her by myself. Thankfully, I have a wonderful hubby that is great at bathing the little ones, even when they have big an incision on their head.

I also want to thank you Rachel and Janine for the wonderful home cooked meals you brought us this week to help make the recovery days a bit easier. Words can not even express how much you helped and what a great relief it was to not have to cook those two nights. You are awesome friends and cooks/bakers!

Here's my three sweeties after their Daddy bathed them.
Look at that face. She just loves her brothers so much! They love her a ton as well.

Here she is trying to figure out what to do with this hair of hers. Sadly, Benjamin got the best head of hair out of the three kids.

I just want to say thank you again to everyone who has sent us love and prayers through their kind words. It is so special to read each of the comments on the blog or Facebook. I love when we get a comment from someone that you had no idea was even reading the blog. It's very exciting (yes, I am easily pleased). I'm a talker and since I am busy taking care of three little ones all day I don't get to talk with many people. So I love feeling like I have "shared" what's on my mind or what's going on with me and that my friends - both old and new, close and far are hearing me even if we actually rarely connect.

As always, thanks for caring!


  1. OH...MY...GOODNESS! There is nothing sweeter than that video! NOTHING! That was just the cutest thing ever, NIcole! She is so amazing - just adorable and happy and AMAZING. :) I love the crazy hair and I love her little voice and I just LOVE HER! :) Thank you so much for this update - what a beautiful sight to see that perfect smile.

  2. She moves SO well:) Can't wait until Jonathan can do more than just lay around!:) One day, Lord willing!

  3. So glad that she is bouncing back so well.. and what a beautiful bunch you have!!

  4. What a beautiful thing to read/see Nicole. =) And seeing your little videos! Gosh - what a great way to see how your days are, since we just don't get to see you enough. We miss you and are thinking of you a bunch! We all looked at the great pict you posted today. Miss you! xoxo - Chris

  5. So sweet!! Can't tell you how happy I am to hear that she's recovering so well!