September 9, 2010

Little Reminder

I love how after a long day of feeling sad and frustrated because Annabelle is sick again I get a little reminder that this is only a moment in time. Annabelle WILL NOT spend her life being sick = I know this. My head knows this, but my heart is hurting for her today. They actually think it's the stomach flu - not even anything SB related :-) Who knows. All I know is she is sick and wants her mommy.

I saw this inspiring video on Face Book tonight and wanted to share it. Thanks for posting it Joanna. I think our SBKids Group from should do our own video. We have some SUPER cute kids!

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  1. Oh Yay! Great idea posting this here Nicole - I loved it too. Something about it just calmed me and made me feel like once again - we can do this! :) I'm so sorry Belle is sick but you're so right in that it won't be forever. I'm confident in that too. I'm praying for you and your sweet, inspiring family and YES we should do a video - maybe next year when we meet at the conference. :) Much love! - Joanna

  2. Nicole I was so sad to read that Belle is sick again and had another revision. I hope she's doing well and just wanted you to know we've been praying and thinking about you guys.