September 4, 2010

First AFO Casting

We have had a VERY busy 10 days since I last wrote. I am happy to share that Annabelle has continued to improve each day and even had a few of her best eating days recently. It's apparent that if she feels well she will eat and she will poop - two very important things for her overall heath. We had several firsts (meeting new Dr.'s and new experiences) that I am excited to blog about this weekend.

On Wednesday, August 25th Annabelle was casted for her first pair of AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics). We are very excited for her to get these next week so that we can start working on more standing exercises without fear of damaging her tiny ankles. She has shown a strong interest in bearing weight, when given the opportunity so I am excited to see what lies ahead for our sweet girl.

Here's some pictures of the process. We were pleased to have Peter (pictured below) making Annabelle's first pair since we met Peter on our SB Clinic "tour" when I was pregnant. He is a kind and caring man who took an interest in Annabelle from the beginning. He has seen her progress and seemed genuinely proud to be supplying her first pair. As expected, Annabelle was super great throughout the whole process.

He starts by measuring and marking her legs

Then he puts on plaster to make the cast

Annabelle saying she is "SO BIG!"

Then he cuts the cast off. He will use that mold to make the actual AFO

Then he starts all over again on the older legs.



  1. hooray for annabelle getting better and getting new AFO's!!!! I swear there is nothing cuter than a mini pair of AFO's on a cute little girl, but that's just me. AFO's are life changing! She is going to love the help that the AFO's give.

  2. Cute!! Love the white nylons... we got plain o tan, lol:) What design did you pick?

  3. sooo biggg and so stinkin'cute!

  4. She sure is!! Look at her sitting there so sweet! Jet's picked himself a sweetie alright. Love you Miss Belle!!!

  5. So PLEASED to hear and see that she is doing well. Can't wait to see pictures of her standing!!

  6. Such cute pictures, she is watching what him with such interest. She looks so cute.

  7. The "I'm so big" picture is one of my favorites to date!! What a big milestone, I can't wait to hear about the progress! Xoxo

  8. Totally a rockstar!! Can't wait to see them in action!

  9. Huh, I always wondered how they made them.
    I am SO glad Annabelle is feeling better - and you are too.
    Can't wait to see the AFO's and Annabelle in action!

  10. Wow! That's neat. thanks for sharing!

  11. She is doing sooo wonderful each & every new day & seems to be a "good little patient" when being worked on~God Bless her! AFO's should help alot! XOXO