August 14, 2010

To Liz, Shelly Lynn and Anonymous

It's always so exciting (to me anyway) to get a comment on my blog. It's nice to know that others actually read it and are willing to take the time to comment. Thank you to those that do :-) No pressure or guilt to those that don't.

Sometimes I get comments from people and I'd like to thank them or respond back but I am not always able to because I don't now their e-mail address, they don't have a blog or they don't leave a name. Then I'm left wondering if I will ever connect again.

So, this is my best attempt at contacting a few of those people :-)

Liz - thanks for your recent comment. How is your little guy doing? I don't see your blog anymore and just was hoping that all is going well for you guys.

Shelly Lynn - Thank you for considering making a pillow case for the kids at the hospital. Do you live local?

Anonymous - thank you for your very nice comments. You sad that you found me by googling Dr. Javaheri? I love that you saw Ben's picture at the museum. I'm guessing you live local? How old is your daughter? I'd love to connect sometime. Thank you again for the beautiful God will make a way poem video.

Well, I hope you guys see this and are able to respond. Feel free to comment again or e-mail me directly at:

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  1. Ah, sorry! I know you from one of the SB forums and my daughter's Isabella. :) Yep, somewhat local! We live in Yorba Linda.