August 1, 2010

Saying good bye is always hard

On Monday, July 19th (before all the latest UTI and Ditropan drama) Annabelle had her last PT session with her private therapist Stacie. Annabelle has been seeing Stacie since she was just a few months old to work specifically on her neck and shoulders. Since that "issue" has since been resolved we are unable to continue seeing her through our private insurance - boo!

We love Stacie and are so grateful for all of her hard work with Annabelle these past 9 months. As you can see they created a special bond.

Here is a picture from one of Annabelle's first few sessions with Staice. Wow - what a difference. There is no question that many of Annabelle's accomplishments have come from having such a dedicated and loving therapist.


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  1. Aww! So sweet! And look at Miss Belle's hair in that last pic! So cute! They grow so fast. :)