July 28, 2010

More cathing & Ditropan updates

So the 4 pm cathing was tough! The boys were better, I was not. They actually played tick-tac-toe and worked in the "workbooks" at the kitchen table while I tried to do it. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get it. After wasting 4 caths I just gave up and knew Branden would be home soon. We haven't gotten our first bill yet so I'm not even sure home much I am spending each time I open one :-o and I was told that my order will be for 1 month - nothing more - yikes! guess I better get this down a bit better.

Thankfully, Branden was able to do it when he got home from work. It's amazing how much is in there. Branden could see the kind f day I had and how miserably tired Annabelle was so he ended up taking the boys to music in the park on his own. The boys were super happy and Annabelle got a quite house to rest in. She and I laid down and woke about 15 minutes before they got home - who knew I was so tired too?

She was able to keep down her dinner and seems not so loopy on the lower dose of Ditropan. She is still very hot and wakeful - yes, she is still awake right now but am hoping she will settle down soon. The drama of today is over and tomorrow is our baby girl's birthday! There will be nothing but happiness tomorrow - it's the rule - you must be happy on your / your sister's / your daughter's birthday!!! I can't wait to snuggle her tomorrow.


So many of you have been here from diagnosis to her birth to now her 1st birthday - what a blessing you are. To the wonderful new friends we have made who support me each day with your stories and words of encouragement - thank you! Annabelle even received two birthday presents from friends at the park tonight - thank you Shaw & Aranda Families. I can't wait to have her open them in the morning.

Ok, I need to get some sleep.


  1. Sounds rough! What kind of caths are you using? If you're using the self-lubricating kind (hydrophilic?) those are WAAAAAAY harder than the traditional straight cath with a tube of lube on the side. :) It's very frustrating in the beginning, and Rahul shared some choice words of his own when learning, but it really does get easier! Isabella's been cathed since day 1, and she totally doesn't even care now. Just goes with the flow. :)

  2. Keep up the good work. I remember when we started cathing Anna and it was extremely stressful. I can now cath her in the minivan when we are out and about. It does get easier.

    Interesting that you mention the ditropan side effects. We are dealing with those as well.