July 30, 2010

Done with Ditropan - for now at least

Just a super quick update.

Annabelle and Ditropan do NOT mix. She has had 3 of the worst days of her life on that stuff. It even ruined her birthday yesterday :-( Her body temp has been ranging around 103 and will come down to about 101 with a cool bath. She's been lethargic and plain old miserable.

Look how miserable our sweet girl was yesterday. I wanted to take a picture of her on her actual birthday and sadly this is all I got. She could barely keep her eyes open.

Thankfully, we got the go ahead from the pediatrician (who btw was not the prescriber of this crazy medicine) to not give the last dose of the evening and she said she would be contacting the Urologist for us to work this out (yeah!)

So, thanks to this Annabelle (and Branden and I) got our first night's sleep since Monday! I will update later what the actual plan will be since I know that Ditropan is currently the only drug on the market for her bladder condition but for now we are going to pretend that today is her birthday :-) We are hoping the medicine is out of her system enough for her to enjoy the day - maybe open a few presents and taste some frosting.

Thanks friends for checking in on us!


PS - Cathing is still rough. I was unable to do the morning one after MANY tries but grandma came to the rescue and was able to get it done. I was finally able to do the afternoon one by myself - YEAH!! Slow and steady progress :-)


  1. Yay for sleeping! Take pictures ( not that you wont ) of her tasting that frosting! Happy Birthday! xoxo

  2. Happy belated birhtday Annabelle!
    I have been praying for you all this week. You are on my heart so often. I am glad she is getting off that awful medicine. Sorry for the hard, hard week.
    I hope you enjoy the day today with her!
    Love from,

  3. Yahoo - at least a break is good, and hopefully off it for good. I am thinking of you guys all the time, and tho I know your time is crazy right now I'm hoping I get to give you a hug soon! And of course a big cuddle to Miss Annabelle to wish her a big birthday hurray! I so miss those sweet cheeks!! xoxo Chris

  4. Oh, poor thing! Hope she's feeling better and she got to enjoy her birthday!