May 30, 2010

She found another use for her teeth

We were so happy when Annabelle finally realized that teeth are for more than just biting mommy. Here she is trying some Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese for the first time. She loved it and did really well considering how often she would choke on even a tiny lump in her yogurt.

This was a big week for Annabelle. After doing so well with the noodles she proceeded to try diced blackberries, pears and peaches. Then tiny cheese chunks and small bites of Branden's yummy spaghetti. It's been a slow process but she is really enjoying her finger food.

May 24th

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  1. Grammy and GrampyJune 8, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    OMG! What a Sweet face, she really loves big girl food, and feeding herself.