June 24, 2010

A room of her own

Annabelle still sleeps in our room but is starting to spend a little more time in her room for occasional naps and lots of play. We are hoping to transition her to own room in the next month. Can you even believe that our baby girl is going to be 1 year old next month!!!

She seems to like her bed and her beautiful ocean walls. We are very proud of Jack who gave up his super cool room that his daddy painted for him to his sweet baby sister.

June 7th

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  1. What a big girl on her knees! :) I love the pics of her stuck under the furniture! :) It IS funny - Jet used to get stuck all the time when he was always in "reverse" mode. Now that he can go forward it doesn't happen so enjoy those silly moments. And your boys are too sweet to worry about their crazy mommy not helping their baby sis. So cute. I can't wait to meet them. :)