April 5, 2010

Party Girl

On Saturday, April 3rd Annabelle and I attended a relaxing baby shower for my good friend Laura. It was a nice afternoon of celebrating a special friend and the arrival of her newest baby, visiting with friends and eating good food. The shower was themed Henna, Homemade and Hand me downs - very fitting for Laura, my vegan eating, Waldorf teaching momma of soon-to-be three good friend.

As I was getting myself and Annabelle ready for the shower it hit me AGAIN how super fun it is to have a daughter, how fun it is to do "girl things" together. It was fun putting on dresses - yes, we both wore purple and figuring out our accessories together. I'm not really the fashion/hair and make up kind of gal, but I have to admit that thinking about experiencing these things with Annabelle gets me a little excited.

As always, Annabelle was sweet as pie - smiling and cooing for all of our friends. It's nice hanging out with my little party girl.

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha! You guys were a very fashionable couple. :)
    Thrilled that little C will be wearing Annabelle's cute jumpers!