March 29, 2010

Big girl stroller

Until recently, whenever we went for walks I would have Annabelle in either the snap-n-go (in her carrier) or on my chest in the Ergo or the Mei Tai. However, lately I could tell she wanted to be up and a part of the action more so we finally broke out the big girl stroller. I received this beautiful brown (my favorite color) stroller from my Dad and Alex when I was pregnant.

Annabelle is finally big enough and has enough body control to sit up for longer periods of time. She was a little unsure at first, but then seemed to really like it. She even fell asleep on the walk home.

Doesn't she look like such a big girl in this photo? These photos were taken on March 29th


  1. Yes she does look like a big girl, boy is she going to love being able to see everything when you go on your walks.

  2. Such a big girl! She looks so cute in there.

  3. Yay big girl! Her bright eyes are so adorable. :)