March 24, 2010

A word we won't be using around here

Last week there was a very inspiring video circulating among some friends. After watching the video I attempted to write a blog post about it but in typical Nicole style I didn't get it done - I am easily distracted and am buried in paperwork and laundry over here. However, a friend of mine, Joanna, Jet's mommy's wrote about it in a great post on her blog. After reading it I knew I couldn't have said it better so why even try. She captured everything I felt and more and put it out there for people to read and hopefully learn from. It's a great post and if you have the time I encourage you to read it. She even has a cute picture of our Annabelle and some of Annabelle's friends on it.

What's the word I was referring to in the title you ask? I guess you will need to check out Joanna's blog for your Vocabulary lesson.

Also, if you decide to read her post you will know why I posted this picture of OUR little Rock Star!

(Rock Star pictures taken February 27, 2010)


  1. You're right Nicole - she said it all just perfectly. Seriously, how that word ever starting being used is beyond me. There are so many children/people who are soo incredibly beautiful and healthy and able - including sweet sweet little Annabelle! Xoxo

  2. AHHH! (My squeal of delight at little Belle the Rocker-Chic!) So cute! Glad all is well at your house. :)

  3. Or maybe "Eeeee!" should have been my squeal. Oh well. lol.

  4. Ahhh, miss Annabelle! So cute! I loved Joanna's blog entry about that. It's so true. I think I may have to update my blog with a link to hers. Good stuff! Hope you guys are doing well.