March 16, 2010

Meeting with the Occupational Therapist

Today, an Occupational Therapist came to our home to do a developmental assessment of Annabelle. Although we feel that she is doing great and essentially on target for her age, it's always a little worrisome when someone else is actually going to be evaluating them.

The therapist was extremely nice and seemed to really enjoy interacting with Annabelle. Annabelle liked her as well. Seriously, who am I kidding, Annabelle is a pretty likable girl so it's no surprise she won her over with her happy smiles and big belly laughs.

The therapist did a whole series of "tests" with Annabelle and although we haven't gotten the official report she was pretty clear to say that Annabelle is doing great. Unfortunately, Annabelle had been having a lot of eating and gaging issues since the last surgery which is what prompted this assessment. Thankfully, she had started showing improvement several days prior and was able to successfully eat her rice cereal and yogurt. She has continued to improve and had her best day eating so far today. The therapist also introduced Annabelle to Cheerios and helped her drink out of a sippy cup! We were excited to see how well she did with both. Because she is still so little (only 12 lbs 13 oz) and is 100% breastfed (no bottles) the cup was a little hard for her, but she was very interested and I'm confident she will get better and better at it. In typical Annabelle style she tolerated the entire hour and a half assessment without a complaint. She is such a sweet and loving little girl

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