February 11, 2010

Update on Annabelle's recovery

We were finally able to fall asleep this morning right before the boys started to wake up. Annabelle seemed a bit better, not great but not horrible. At about 8:30 am she vomited again so I called the pediatrician and she wanted me to bring her in immediately to be seen. After the evaluation it was determined that the vomiting was probably due to one of three things:

1 - the antibiotics not settling well in Annabelle's tummy
2 - the shunt was infected
3 - the shunt was clogged again

Obviously, we were all hoping it was an issue with the antibiotics and not the shunt. Unfortunately, this issue possibly could have been avoided had I not been trying to be cost conscious. Before we left the hospital on on Tuesday the Dr. called in Annabelle's prescription to the hospital pharmacy. When we went to pick it up they told us that the co-payment would be $50. I was shocked! This was an antibiotic that she had before and I was confident we only paid $10 for it. Then I was reminded that our heath insurance benefits had once again changed effective January 1st. So now all brand name drugs cost $50. Well, since there is no generic for this medicine I called the Dr. and asked if he could prescribe something else. He did but now it seems it was a medicine that clearly didn't sit well with her. So today, they changed the medicine back to the original prescription and I purchased it for $50. In reality it has now cost us $70 because I had to pay $10 for the other prescription and $ 10 for today's office visit - ugh! Oh well, the good thing is that she is keeping it down. She has had two doses and didn't throw up either.

It wasn't a great day, but she did show small improvements over the course of the day. She was still a bit sluggish, her face and eyes seem fluffy and her fontanel seemed to not be draining as quickly as it should be. We were feeling OK though because she hadn't thrown up - and then she did. She threw up right after her bath at about 7pm. I was so disappointed and just broke down. I am so tired and so worried about her health. The thought of the Dr. having to go back in her head to unclog this shunt again just scares me so badly. Thankfully she was willing to nurse and fell asleep easily - I was very happy.

She woke up at about 11:30pm and was crying. It was such a sad cry like she was in a lot of pain. We gave her some medicine and I was able to nurse her back to sleep. We both felt her head while I nursing and we believe that it felt the best it had since her surgery on Monday - thank goodness! We can only hope that since she isn't throwing up her antibiotics it's able to do it's job and she is starting to feel better all over. We just pray that she is finally on the road to recovery.

Thank you all so much for your continued to prayers for our sweet baby girl. I will be sure to update about her fontanel and if the vomiting has subsided.


  1. Oh you guys - you have really been through it once again. :( I'm so sorry - but happy she seems to be getting better. I really hope that she is back to her normal self soon and you guys can go back to being parents of 3 beautiful HEALTHY children. :) Thank you for updating!

  2. Gosh Nic - you guys have had a 'wonderful' last few days...
    Really hope that Annabelle is on the mend now, and wishing you a really good nights sleep tonight.
    Thanks so much for doing such a great job of keeping the updates coming - we love ya dearly and it means a lot to us to know how it's all going.
    Know we are here if you need anything...