February 4, 2010

Trying out some new stuff at PT (February 4th)

A few weeks ago at PT our therapist wanted to try out some new stuff with Annabelle since she is getting older. I have to admit I wasn't really ready for any of this and although she was only trying it out I sort of pushed back a bit. I feel silly now that I did that but sometimes it's hard for me to look at the future and picture what it may or may not be like. It's much easier to live in the present - Annabelle is a baby and babies don't walk! But that is not reality. Annabelle is 6 months old and we hope one day she will walk.

I am feeling much better about all of this now and know that they will be introducing many new things over the next 6+ months. I know that it is all for Annabelle's best interest and I am excited to see what her little legs and body will start doing as she continues to grow and build more overall strength.

These are unofficially called Mermaid pants. I'm guessing you can see why. Our PT asked that I put her in these for 15-20 minutes each day when she is lying on her belly. Because Annabelle's legs "froggy out" we want to bring them in as much as we can. The goal of these pants are to help rotate her legs and knees inward. It's like a mini stretch without actually stretching her. Really no big deal - Annabelle doesn't mind at all.

This is a stander. It's actually different looking than any other stander I had seen before, but they are very commonly used on children with Spina Bifida to help them build strength while standing, hence the name stander. Well, this was the "thing" I was most resistant to. Not really sure why now because I have read all about them, seen cute pictures of little guys in them, etc.. but when she put Annabelle in it I was overwhelmed.

As you can see Annabelle didn't mind at all. She is just such a sweet and accommodating little girl. She just goes with the flow and looks at every knew thing we throw at her as something fun to do. She is so positive and happy. She is how I want to be. I learn from her every day.

Unfortunately, Annabelle is WAY to small (and short) for the stander. So it will be a while longer before they try putting her in one again. I really am thankful to have a great physical therapist whose focus and goal is for Annabelle's success. I know that Emi wants the best for her and I am confident that she will do all in her power to build Annabelle's strength and get her the resources she needs to be as mobile as possible.

I look at the pictures now and think that Annabelle looks super cute. It's funny how just a little bit of time can bring on such a different amount of perspective.


  1. Cute pictures. Caleb had the "frog legs" too, we used those hip helpers as well when he was younger. Even now we wrap his legs at night so that he doesn't sleep with his legs out a like a frog all night.

    She's a cutie!

  2. Such a cutie! I'm going to have to look into the mermaid pants, Grey has the froglegs too, and nothing has been mentioned before. Such a happy girl!! :)

  3. Oh Nicole, this post made me cry. It is such a lot to take in, isn't it? i appreciate your honesty. Change is hard no matter what, but I imagine this change is even harder. But it sounds like you are doing better. And I have news for you--I think Annabelle didn't just happen to get that upbeat and positive spirit. She came by it naturally! You and Brandon are teaching her as much as she is teaching you.
    And by the way, she looks so big and cute in those mermaid pants. 6 months!! Wow!!

  4. What a darling girl you have! I can't believe she can get into a stander already?!!! I have a special boy - he has yet to be diagnosed. Some type of neurological thing. He is 4 and in a wheelchair. Life is good, sometimes hard. I'm sure you get it.

    love, bree

  5. Annabelle is so adorable. Love watching them get kids up right as soon as they can if they can.