February 13, 2010

short and sweet

Annabelle is doing much better. The shunt seems to be working fine and she hasn't vomited any more. It was definitely an issue with her medicine - thank goodness! She has unfortunately caught a cold/cough. She is coughing and has big boogies :-( Not the worst thing by any means, but it's making it rough for her to sleep. We are up with her right now because she is so stuffed.

Just didn't want anyone to worry since I haven't posted. Happy weekend everyone.


  1. So glad it wasn't her shunt! But very sorry about her cold - Jet just had his first and it is no fun. :( The humidifier helped with Jet. Get well soon little Annabelle.

  2. Thankful for the food news. We will still keep you all in our prayers. Much love, Greta

  3. Thanks for the update Nicole. Sorry I couldn't come to the party yesterday but I hear it was great! Art forgot the boy's presents...will have to drop them off this week! Much love to baby Annabelle