January 1, 2010

New Year and new experiences (1/1/10)

Unfortunately, we had been struggling a lot with Annabelle's constipation so after trying a few things (massage, juice and a suppository) and having little success we decided it was time to bring out the big guns - prunes! Our goal is to be able to manage her poopie or lack of poopie situation without medication if possible.

I know, the spoon was a bit big for her first feeding but it was all I had handy. Branden quickly got me a new spoon and Annabelle seemed to do a lot better. She actually liked the prunes much better than I had expected.

Isn't great to see how excited Benjamin was for his sister.


  1. So cute! Go Annabelle! Jet is a TERRIBLY picky eater so I'm impressed! :) He suffers from the same issues and we put apple juice or prune juice in his bottles to try and keep him regular...it's a constant evaluation and trial and error process. Not ideal - but we deal. :) Much love! Joannna

  2. Awww, she's just precious. Thank you for your so very kind and thoughtful words on my blog. We are doing this one day at time with much prayer and faith.

    Fuuny, I always brought out the "big guns" with my kids when they got constipated too. And my kids LOVED them! Silly kids...who would've thought they would've liked those yucky prunes. :-)

  3. We love prunes! And I mix in flax seed for every meal... been working wonders! (especially when we dropped the iron vitamins)