December 29, 2009

PT / OT Evaluation 12/29/09

We met with two therapists (PT & OT) through the California Children's Services Medical Therapy Unit (MTU) today over at Tucker school. I was a little nervous what there were going to say about Annabelle. Of course, I wanted them to be impressed with her and her strength (typical mom) but also wanted them to see her need for therapy knowing how critical it is for her development.

They were super impressed with her and thought she was adorable. They loved how strong she was and how well she held her head while lying on her belly. They loved that she endured and hour and a half evaluation with very minimal complaining but with lots of smiling and cooing. The PT was excited about Annabelle and her potential. She commented that Annabelle seemed very motivated to do all that they asked of her - she was reaching, grabbing, holding. She is recommending once a week to start and see how it goes from there. This will replace our current in-home PT we have on Thursday's (bummer, I know!). The OT didn't think Annabelle needed any right now but will reassess in a few months. I was very pleased with the therapists, the facility, the evaluation and their recommendations. This was a good start to a long relationship. The MTU will cover Annabelle's PT/OT and equipment needs until she is 21 so I am pleased it is starting off so well. As long as all of the paperwork (red tape) is signed off we will start on January 14th.

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