December 8, 2009

More great PT pictures - 12/8/09

It seems that I get some of Annabelle's best pictures when she is at therapy. I guess that's because my hands are finally free :-)

Annabelle and her physical therapist Stacey work so good together. Stacey works with Annabelle every Tuesday focusing on her neck which was diagnosed with a mild case of Torticollis (surgery induced). Amazingly she can tolerate almost a full hour - quite impressive!

Stretching that neck

Annabelle is such a happy baby even after 45 minutes of "exercise"


  1. What a trooper she is - she looks like she is actually enjoying it!! And I think its just great that she is getting PT every week and that they are so on top of everything ... :o)

  2. That stretching the neck exercise brought back a lot of memories! I can't believe how calm she is throughout the PT