November 14, 2009


Mom: Thank you for all of your help this week. We are so grateful for the wonderful care you gave our children. Thank you for always being willing to adjust your schedule no matter what to take care of them. Thank you for playing with them, feeding them and bathing them! Thank you for loving them as much as we do. We have NO idea how we would get through these situations without you.

Mingie: Thank you for coming down yesterday to help with the boys. Thank you for being there for them. Thank you for playing with them and being silly with them! Thank you for making dinner for us all and helping to get them to eat it :-) Thank you for cuddling Benjamin when I left ~ my heart was breaking for him and I was so grateful that you were there to take care of him.

We LOVE you both very much!


  1. Oh Sweetie, you're welcome. I love spending time with the boys, and I'm so glad I'm able to help. We Love you all so much.

  2. Thank God for moms and sisters.