November 27, 2009


A mom friend recently reminded me that is does no good to compare Annabelle to our boys, other babies of similar age or even those books that tell us what a baby "should" be doing at any given age. I appreciated the reminder as I was slightly wondering if Annabelle was doing what she was "supposed" to be doing. Silly, I know, but I guess it's normal mom behavior. I know now that when Annabelle reaches a milestone will be when SHE was supposed to reach it and that will be the right time.

Since this blog is Annabelle's baby book I want to document all the wonderful milestones she has reached so far. It's hard to believe that our baby girl will be 4 months old on Sunday (11/29). The time is going so fast and I want to make sure we always remember her milestones.
  • She "talks" a lot - lots of cooing, gurgling and ya ya ya.
  • She blows bubbles and raspberries.
  • She smiles, big open mouth smiles. Her whole face smiles and her eyes sparkle.
  • She laughs, big belly laughs. She likes to shake her head when somethings really funny.
  • She loves her tongue! She loves to stick it out and works hard to get you to stick yours out at her. When you do she will give you one of those big happy smiles.
  • She can bring her hands together and clasp them. She likes to play with her fingers.
  • She has great focus and attention. She loves to connect eyes with you and talk.
  • She has great head control and enjoys tummy time much more than lying on her back.
She is such a joy! She brings us all such happiness. Her brothers just adore and love her so much. They can't get enough hugs and kisses from her. They pray for her and her health everyday. We are so blessed to have Annabelle in our lives. She teaches me daily about strength and courage and I am inspired by her her happiness and good nature.

PS - Branden added that she's a good sleeper as one of her milestones. I didn't think it qualified but he seemed pretty happy about what a good sleeper she is I felt I should add it. She really does sleep much better (in the night) than either of the boys did at this age. If I only I could get myself to bed earlier :-0

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  1. You have a beautiful daughter! And I agree with Branden - Annabelle's gift to you is her sleeping habits! We are all keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!

    Big Hugs!
    Suzanne & the Vans HR team.