November 5, 2009

Too many stretches today!

I worked SUPER hard in physical therapy today and I wasn't very happy about it. Just check out my bottom lip in these top two pictures.

Today was a good PT session although Annabelle did cry a lot. She's building great head control and we are very pleased with her progress. They did find some tightening in her shoulders that we need to start working on ~ yes, that means MORE daily exercises! It's kind of non-stop, but we know that it's important. The concern with the tightening is that she is curving her torso a bit which could in turn weaken her spine. It's good they caught it now so we can address and correct the problem and prevent any potential future problems.

1 comment:

  1. That look... "WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS"!
    She is a trooper....
    She will thank you one day, it'll just take a while (as with a lot of things we do for our children that they don't understand at the time.