October 15, 2009

Physical Therapy - October 15th

Today was by far the best PT appointment she's had so far - being awake really helped (he he)! Tangy, Annabelle's therapist was super pleased with the session and how well Annabelle did. She tolerated about 35 minutes of straight stretching and then she was DONE!

The best news of all is that Tangy felt (as we have for a while) that it was time to increase Annabelle's therapy to 4 times per month (once a week). So now we will be seeing Tangy every Thursday at 2:00 pm. We can't wait to see the wonderful progress we know Annabelle is going to make.

1 comment:

  1. That is such great news about the increased therapy sessions!!!
    Such cute picts too - looks like they really try to make it "fun" for her (as fun as it could possibly be that is...) :o)