September 11, 2009

Physical Therapy - September 11th

Today was Annabelle's first physical therapy appointment . She has been approved for PT twice a month through the Regional Center. Her therapist's name is Tangy and she seems really nice. The best part is that they come to our house - yeah! Annabelle mostly slept through the appointment (see above) but she was awake enough for Tangy to start making some assessments of her leg movement and to create a development plan. We are eager to get into a good PT routine and start strengthening her body. The next appointment is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 24th.

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  1. Read your post on babycenter regarding frequency of PT. As a pediatric PT myself, I would ask the PT for suggestions to do at home. Children have the most plasticity (ability to change neural pathways) in the brain from 0-3 years of age. Take advantage of that time with lots of suggested activities from your PT. If it was my daughter, I would definitely ask for more than two times per month. You could also ask for 1 time per week for a short period of time to just get you started on activities at home then see if you can go down to 2x/month. In addition, make sure you contact early intervention services if you have not done so already. Good luck.