September 6, 2009

Annabelle's first shower

Because of Annabelle's open wound on her back she was unable to have anything more than a sponge bath. But, finally we were given the okay to give her a shower. Of course Branden was the one to do it since he gave both boys their first showers as well. I have always been too afraid that I would drop one of you. Thankfully daddy has super strong hands. You didn't love it but you didn't hate it either - definitely a new experience.



  1. What a wonderful post!
    I absolutely LOVE that you did this! The pictures are priceless, and she looks absolutely beautiful in her precious pink towel xoxo

  2. Oh goody - A new blog of yours to follow! These picts are ADORABLE!! I love that first one with the water splashing in her face. Beautiful!! Hope to see you guys soon! xoxo Chris

  3. OMG! I Love these pictures! She is just too cute. She is going to love her showers just like her Big Brothers. xoxoxo

  4. Hey, Who parted my hair like my Brothers?
    I'd rather have the Cupi Doll look.