September 21, 2009

Pretty in Pink - September 21st

It's amazing how the color pink just takes over once you have a little girl. I always thought mom's of girl's went so overboard with all the pink, but now that I have one I can see that you just can't help it. Here is Annabelle taking a nap just like a princess in her pink bed while wearing her adorable little pink dress. SO CUTE!

September 13, 2009

Physical Therapy with Daddy - September 13th

We were given a pretty extensive list of stretches that we need to do with Annabelle each day. Thankfully, Branden has taken charge of this and makes a strong effort to ensure that she gets her daily stretches. I work with her on more of a casual basis each day. I stretch her body (not just the legs) after a feeding or a diaper change and I do lots of tummy time. PT is SO important for Annabelle and her long term strength and potential mobility.

Annabelle's 1st Bath - Sept 13th

It was great to get the "go-ahead" to give Annabelle a bath. It really is so much easier than giving her a shower. Her back has healed up so nicely and we are just thrilled about it! Although, she was a bit apprehensive of the bath water at firsts he was fine by the end. Annabelle is such a sweet, easy-going little love.

Not real sure about this mom and dad.

I really don't like this mom and dad!

Okay, I guess it's not that bad!

September 11, 2009

Physical Therapy - September 11th

Today was Annabelle's first physical therapy appointment . She has been approved for PT twice a month through the Regional Center. Her therapist's name is Tangy and she seems really nice. The best part is that they come to our house - yeah! Annabelle mostly slept through the appointment (see above) but she was awake enough for Tangy to start making some assessments of her leg movement and to create a development plan. We are eager to get into a good PT routine and start strengthening her body. The next appointment is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 24th.

September 10, 2009

Girl time

The boys were at preschool and Annabelle and I were just sitting around chatting. We were talking about what a big girl she's becoming (and we weren't talking about her double chin).

Neither of us could believe that she's 6 weeks old already. We both were just cracking up at how fast time flies. It was a fun girl day.

September 6, 2009

Cuddle time with Daddy

Annabelle enjoyed taking a little rest with daddy after her first shower.

It's funny, this picture was the nightly routine for Branden and Jack when he was first born. 4 years later we now truly understand that life goes by too quick. These are special times and although we are very busy now with 3 kids we are trying to savor all of the moments we have with them. They are truly our most precious gifts.

Annabelle's first shower

Because of Annabelle's open wound on her back she was unable to have anything more than a sponge bath. But, finally we were given the okay to give her a shower. Of course Branden was the one to do it since he gave both boys their first showers as well. I have always been too afraid that I would drop one of you. Thankfully daddy has super strong hands. You didn't love it but you didn't hate it either - definitely a new experience.